Improved Cell Phone Detection

with the MSD EVO

The illegal use of cell phones is a growing problem in prisons and correctional institutions worldwide. They are a significant threat to prison security and evade the monitoring processes in prisons.

The MSD EVO detects all cell phones and ferrous contraband concealed on the person or in body cavities (including key fob cell phones, smart phones, radio transceivers, etc.) quickly and easily.

By providing outstanding capabilities in security pass-through applications, it helps prohibit  inmates from committing new crimes both inside and outside the facility.

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Fast Deployment

The MSD EVO features fast deployment and high throughput and is ideal for correctional institutions and for public events including gala events, concerts, and more.

• Multi zone targeting identifies location of contraband on the body

• Covert operation through use of Bluetooth headset

• Superior threat detection from head to toe, in all environments

Highly Portable and easy to use

The CEIA MSD is a lightweight, portable and full-height ferromagnetic detector that combines high reliability and ergonomics with advanced detection and operator signalling features.

• One-piece design allows the CEIA MSD to be easily transported and operational in 10 seconds

• Lightweight design (total weight only 21 lbs with batteries included) easily transportable by one person

• Fully weather proof for outdoor use

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