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Universal Chemical Threat Detector

The AP4C is a combat-proven flame spectrometer features industry leading capabilities and is used in over 75 countries worldwide. It can detect a broad range of conventional and unconventional threats.
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The highest user availability rate on the market

Easy to use and maintain

Thanks to its unique technology, the AP4C has the shortest recovery time even after being exposed to high concentrations of chemicals. Designed for field use, the AP4C removes complexity: one single ON/OFF button, no setting or menu, no field calibration and filter. The entire detection process is automatic. An annual check is the only required maintenance operation.

Ideal in tough conditions

The AP4C has the capacity to work in very severe environmental conditions and the measurements are unaffected by high humidity levels or by the presence of other organic chemical compounds such as paint or diesel smoke. Moreover the AP4C can run in highly explosive areas.

Optional kit

The AP4C comes with optional kits including the S4PF liquid sampler and extra consumables.

Accessories available

Extend your capabilities with the SimToolKit, a wireless system for monitoring and training. It allows you to connect up to 8 detectors.

  • Technology: Flame spectrometry
  • Detection range: Unlimited, CWA, TICs & TIMS, NTAs, Novichoks, binaries, opioids & Fentanyl
  • Operating temperature: -25°F to +122°F / -32°C to +50°C
  • Communication: RS422 interface
  • Data storage: Internal memory, 530 hours loop recording
  • Powers supply: Lithium or rechargeable battery
  • Height: 138mm / 5.43″
  • Length: 385mm / 15.16″
  • Width: 100mm / 3.93″
  • Weight: 2,1kg / 4.63 lb

Detection Capabilities

  • Nerve agents
  • Blister agents
  • Blood agents
  • PBAs
  • NTAs such as Novickok
  • Choking agents
  • Toxic industrial agents


  • Military forces
  • First responders
  • Law enforcement
  • CBRN specialists
  • Customs and border protection

The best protection from wide-ranging threats

Visiontec is always adding innovative, new products. We offer the latest security and detection products that protect people, public and military facilities and infrastructure. Our consultants can also assist you in choosing the best detection solutions for your operations.

Visiontec Systems is an authorized AP4C dealer.

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