Decrease search time with the FIRSTLOOK360

The first wireless 360° rescue camera

FirstLook360 is the first live streaming 360° rescue camera made to help first responders with many of the challenges they face when they arrive on scene. It uses dual cameras and custom-built software to stitch multiple live video streams together. Rescuers can probe the camera into any space and get a seamless 360°view by swiping a finger across the screen.

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Ideal for rescue

FL360 is a powerful multipurpose tool that can be used in various technical rescue applications. It is ideal for use in structural collapse, confined spaces, vehicle extrication, trench rescue and much more.

Seamless 360° view

No need for delicate mechanical articulation mechanisms to move the camera head. The FL360 supports safer operations and decreases search time resulting in speedier casualty location.

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