MUVE ™ C360

Integrated Multi-Gas Detector for Unmanned Aerial System

This multi-gas detector integrates completely with an unmanned aerial system (UAS) to provide real-time continuous monitoring of chemical hazards while on the move. Sensor readouts are prioritized based on alarm conditions and are displayed real- time through the pilot’s user interface. The MUVE C360 is a game-changer for emergency responders, industrial safety officers, and environmental monitoring experts.

MUVE ™ C360 Landing Page

Assess the scene from a safe distance

Before putting the health and safety of your team at risk, fly the C360 into the scene to gather initial assessment of hazards.

Get a comprehensive overview of an active scene including visuals and chemical identification.

•  8-channel sensor delivers broad hazard coverage

•  Analyze air quality surrounding active scenes prior to entry

•  Select proper PPE before entering scene

•  Locate leak source and track incident progression

Significantly reduce the time to action

In the time it takes the average responder to suit up, you can deploy the C360 on scene.

•  Cover difficult terrain from the air to assess hazards

• Quickly draw a perimeter to assess and map hazards

• Preset alarm thresholds to make quicker decisions on-scene

• Understand the flow of hazardous vapors at the source, but also in the air

•  Analyze, log, and access complex data in an easy-to-understand visual     overlay

•  Install with click-in simplicity via onboard integration dock

MUVE C360 Datasheet

MUVE C360 Multi-Gas Detector for UAS | CBRNE Detection