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247 Armstrong Avenue, Unit 1, Georgetown, ON. L7G 4X6

Visiontec proudly serves the needs of front-line security professionals, early response teams, and the CBRNE community throughout Canada. Our highly specialized clientele stems from commercial, federal and provincial agencies across the country.

Our products and services are actively supporting the critical needs of police and fire departments, the Canadian military, customs, EOD, HazMat and incident response teams, commercial loss prevention entities, and are protecting secured facilities and infrastructures such as courts, legislatures, correctional institutions, embassies, airports, utility plants, mines and stadia.

We also provide professional services and Visiontec’s reputation has been built on our commitment and understanding our customers’ unique requirements and exceeding their expectations for quality, responsiveness, price and delivery. Our customers testify to the overall quality of our products and the readiness and standards of our services.