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Too good to be true?

Not with the Pendar X10’s next-gen technology!

The Pendar X10 represents a breakthrough in short-range standoff Raman for chemical identification. Users can analyze dangerous material at a distance of up to 6 feet with no laser eye safety protection.

  • Accurately and safely identify dark, sensitive, and highly fluorescent materials at standoff distances up to feet.
  • Safely identify chemicals through clear and translucent obstacles including closed plastic bags, chemical hoods, even through closed windows and opaque plastic bottles.
  • Maintain scene integrity, rapidly extract evidence, leaving the site untouched
  • Access an expandable Raman library includes Explosives, TICs, Narcotics & CWAs

No contact, no sampling, no handling of sensitive or toxic materials.

Point and shoot to identify a material up to 6 ft away through translucent containers or windows.

Point and identify within seconds

PendarX10 is ready to point and identify as soon as it boots up. Only one hand is needed to depress the trigger to start analysis, with results delivered in seconds through the streamlined interface.

From any screen, the next identification is only a trigger-press away.

Extend Your Reach

At a standoff distance of up to 6 feet, the hand-held Pendar X10 enables rapid, point-and-shoot identification of hazardous chemicals including highly fluorescent, dark, and sensitive materials.

Readings can be taken through thick, translucent containers including plastic bags, chemical hoods, even closed windows.

Keep personnel safe

No vials, probes or detector strips are needed for Pendar X10 to accurately identify unknown chemicals. EOD and HAZMAT personnel can remain protected from accidental exposure or contamination while measuring hard to reach samples. With its Class 3R laser, no laser safety eye protection or special training required.

There is minimal ignition risk with black powder and sensitive primaries.

Key Specifications

  • Technique: Difference Raman Spectroscopy
  • Standoff Distance: Adjustable 1 to 6 feet (0.3 to 2 meters)
  • Instrument Portability: Handheld: 11.1” x 7.4” x 5.1” Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Library: Explosives, illicit drugs, CWAs, toxic industrial chemicals
  • Analysis Time (and Return to Readiness): Less than 10 seconds for most samples, generally less than 30 seconds for fluorescent or highly absorptive samples
  • Method of Sampling: In situ (optical measurement through clear containers or enclosures)
  • Amount of Sample Required: Visible quantity
  • Eye Safety: Class 3R
  • Explosion Safety: Does not ignite or burn dark material (e.g. black powder, iron oxide, etc.)
  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi
  • Operating environment: Indoors and Outdoors, -4° to 104°F / -20° to 40°C
  • Power: Four (4) rechargeable RCR123A batteries More than 2 hours operation
  • Mounting Options: 1⁄4”-20 tapped hole for tripod,
    UGV Kit Available For Remote Chemical Identification

Field Use Ready for Added Convenience

Use unmanned ground vehicles

Pendar X10 can be mounted to UGVs, allowing true remote identification of chemical or explosive threats. Simply integrate with the various robotic platforms in use by EOD teams and first responders.

Clear information where it matters the most

Pendar X10 is lightweight, rugged, and portable, with a battery that will last for 2 hours of continuous measurements. It works in temperatures ranging between -20C and 40C (-4F to 104F). Results are presented with a simple interface displaying the key safety information you need.

The best protection from wide-ranging threats

Visiontec is always adding innovative, new products. We offer the latest security and detection products that protect people, public and military facilities and infrastructure. Our consultants can also assist you in choosing the best detection solutions for your operations.

Visiontec Systems is an authorized Pendar dealer.

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