5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Renting Security Equipment for Public Events

When an event is being planned, the need to establish an attendee screening procedure is as important as choosing the location, the date, and other logistical options. The goal of an attendee screening process is to keep the event safe, and control potential prohibited items being brought into a venue. These screening procedures should be a part of an event’s overall security plan. When developing a plan, organizers should not underestimate the many factors that must be considered.

Type of event
Do large amounts of people have to get in at once for a deadline, like a concert?

Or do they trickle in over a period of time, like attendees at a conference?

The event may be hybrid where people are constantly entering at different times. Screening equipment like the OpenGate will allow the throughput necessary to avoid lineups.

How many people are you expecting and how quickly do they need to get into the event? This will impact on the number of machines you will need. You should be sure to rent enough equipment to cover the peak hours and make sure you have people to staff them.

Level of security
The level of security is often based on the type of threats you expect. Is it a peaceful event or do you expect protesters? Will attendees be able to bring in purses or backpacks? If so, then an x- ray device may be a good choice. Some devices can detect very small items, but this will slow down the throughput time.

Type of threat
What types of threats are you looking to detect? Equipment that detects metal, such as the OpenGate can detect large knives or guns. If you also need to detect other threats such as drugs or explosives, there are several other products that you can choose from.

Equipment with high discrimination ability is more costly but more accurate. The machines will be able to know the difference between a belt buckle and a knife. The budget will also impact the number and type of screening devices you rent.

Enlisting the help of an organization with experience in event security, such as Visiontec Systems, can help you review issues you may not have considered and provide flexible options. Visiontec has helped organizations plan for events such as the G7 Summit, Canada Day festivities, and many performances and concerts. Contact us for more information or visit our website.